Daily Thought

Begin your future

Even if you’ve failed ten thousand times, success is within
your reach. Just because you’ve made mistakes does not mean
you must continue to make them.

Simply realizing that you’ve made an error is a major step
toward correcting that error and getting past it. The beauty
of now is that it’s the end of your past and the beginning
of whatever future you choose.

If you’re satisfied with where you’ve been headed, then by
all means keep going there. If you’re disappointed with what
has been, now is your chance to set a different direction
for what can be.

Imagine how great it would feel to know that you’re
successfully living life on your own terms. Imagine it, and
then know that even now you can make that feeling real.

You already know that your actions have very real
consequences, for you are living those consequences today.
This is your opportunity to choose the consequences you most
desire by taking the positive actions that will bring them

Always, success is yours to define and create. Choose now to
make it happen.

Ralph Marston