Happy New Year (better late than never)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long. The last half of 2009 was insanely crazy for me. In addition to running my PR company and working on exciting projects such as new artist Carmen Reece and famed fitness guru Rich Barretta — I am also working closely with Nick Cannon and his multi-media company NCredible Entertainment. It all started top of last year when he brought me into the fold with his takeover of the new TeenNick network over at Nickelodeon. And now as we enter 2010 (as I’m sure you might have read in the big Hollywood Reporter story, I’m helping him run his multi-media company) which as you can imagine has me extremely busy.

We are gearing up for a ton of projects — ┬álots of stuff for TeenNick (all on the heels of his successful HALO Awards which he created and executive produced), his NYC morning radio takeover on 92.3 NOW this month, the big red carpet movie premiere for the School Gyrls movie which he wrote and directed that will air on Nickelodeon on February 21st and their debut album release on Island Records, new artists Colette Carr, Corey Gunz, Aaron Fresh and RydazNRtist (who are currently on tour with Mariah Carey), another season of America’s Got Talent where Nick will return as host — and of course a very long list of new TV & film projects that are all in development.

In addition, I’m excited to say that I have stepped away from my duties as Kelis' publicist and have taken on the role as her business partner and manager. She recently signed a new record deal with will.i.am/Interscope where we are looking at a Spring 2010 release for the new album. I'm currently in London with her as I'm typing this, sitting next door as she collaborates with one of my favorite new groups, La Roux. The new album is very close to being finished — she recorded majority of it on her own in her home studio without a record label, without an A & R and over the course of the next few weeks she’ll be laying down the finishing touches. I have to say — it’s her best body of work to date and if you are a Kelis fan, it’s the type of album that you’ve been waiting from her to deliver. We are really, really excited about it, to get on the road and get back in front of her fans. The label is 110% behind her, we have an amazing team with all hands on deck. I expect that 2010 will be the year that she finally gets the credit she has been long overdue as an artist who’s remained very honest, innovative and true since she released her debut album over a decade ago. In addition to the music, as you may have heard, she is now a certified chef who graduated from culinary school last year. Her true passion, aside from music has always been food and she is also very hard at work on launching her own sauce line, which is absolutely delicious!

Work aside, I’m happier than ever. Spent all of my holiday indoors at home playing board games with my closest family and friends, lots of cooking, taught myself to knit, celebrated my 30th birthday at Walt Disney World and Islands of Adventure — and more.

I’m truly blessed and really excited about the year ahead. Looking forward to sharing it with you. xo

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